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Wifi Thermostats & Home Automation

Wifi Thermostats & Home Automation

Pacific Air Comfort provides modern innovations to save you money and simplify everyday life. From WiFi Thermostats to complete Home Automation, we cater to your specific requirements and goals. Contact us at 1-800-671-9510 for further information, customized recommendations, timely completion, and unwavering standards of quality.

Expert Installation of WiFi and Smart Thermostats

Heating and cooling makes up half of residential energy costs. Smart thermostats not only offer superior access, but pay for themselves in energy savings.

‍Some of the many benefits of a WiFi Thermostat include:

Avoid Human Error – Eliminates the need for you to remember to raise or lower the temperature setting before leaving the house.

Monitor the Home – Confirm proper heating & cooling, make adjustments, and receive alerts from virtually anywhere you happen to be.

Adjust Temperature – Whether your schedule suddenly changes or you’re tucked into bed, you have access to the thermostat.

Emailed Alerts – Get notifications for temperature fluctuations, power outages, filter change requirements, and maintenance needs.

Energy Savings – Take advantage of opportunities to trim energy usage, as well as energy tracking and helpful tips for achieving even greater savings.

Easy Programming – Modern designs and companion apps guide you through set-up and operation.

Energy Tracking – Easy-to-read monthly reports let you know how much energy is used and when, encouraging greater efficiency.

‍Vacation Mode –  Easy temperature adjustment without altering existing settings.

Accuracy – Enjoy more precision control over the home’s comfort levels.

Outdoor Conditions – Convenient access to outdoor temperatures and humidity.

Enjoy the advantages of home automation systems!

By putting technological advancements at your fingertips, we create a smart home, allowing you to run essential appliances and systems through a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Some of the many benefits of Home Automation include:

Cost Savings – Combining superior management, monitoring, smart thermostats, and smart light bulbs, energy savings add up quickly.

‍Safety – There is no risk of the oven or other appliances left running, because you have control with the tap of your finger.

Security – Automated lighting, motion sensors, door locks, and security cameras protect your home and family.

‍Real-time Video – Security cameras not only increase safety but provide a view of whatever happens in your home or yard.

Temperature Adjustment – Adjust the thermostat from anywhere you happen to be, ensuring perfect comfort while conserving energy.

Time Savings – With remote control over door locks, appliances, and systems, to accommodate a busy lifestyle.

Remote Control – Keep track of home systems from anywhere, even letting a neighbor, family member, or delivery to enter the home through your smartphone.

‍Comfort – Connected devices provide adaptive lighting, temperature, music, and even record television shows to create a more enjoyable living space.

Supervision – Let them inside, check on their arrival, keep doors locked, and monitor via security cameras to keep children safe.

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