Is ductless heating and cooling right for you? 10 indicators that could save you money!

While ductless units aren’t new technology, they are different than what many of us are used to when it comes to heating and cooling our homes. Here are some common questions we’ve heard:

Question 1: Does this thing work?

One head doesn’t appear to be working, is it broken? Not likely. On systems with more than one indoor unit, they all must be heating or they all must cool. One unit can’t ask for cooling while one is asking for heat. Ensure your units are not set to “auto” but rather all in heat mode or all in cool mode.

Question 2: Do I have the settings right?

I want my temperature to be 72 degrees but I’m not comfortable. Is my unit broken? Not likely. Often we rely too much on what the temperature display says instead of our true comfort level. Raise or lower the temperature setting until you are comfortable, ignoring what the read out says. Focus on your comfort, not the display.

Question 3: Is the unit supposed to run continuously?

My unit seems to run endlessly, isn’t this costing me more money? In traditional systems the answer would most likely be a yes. However, in ductless systems, they are programmed to run more often and for longer times. They have the ability to ramp their power consumption down while satisfying your comfort needs.

Question 4: Should I adjust the temperature to match occupancy?

Should I turn the temperature down when I leave? No – these systems cost far less to run than traditional ducted systems or resistance heat like ceiling heat. Turning them up and down is not necessary. Set the temp to where you are most comfortable and let it work to save you money!

Question 5: Do I have to have a unit hanging on my wall?

I really like the idea of saving money with ductless technology but I don’t want something hanging on my wall. What can I do? Give us a call to see if we can pair the outdoor, energy efficient invertor technology with another indoor option such as a ceiling cassette or floor console.

Question 6: How should I position my furniture for optimum efficiency?

I rearranged my living room and now my ductless unit doesn’t seem to keep me as comfortable. Is there something wrong with it? If you’ve moved something under your ductless head such as a TV or other device that produces heat, your ductless head is measuring that heat and acting accordingly. Ensure your ductless head can “breathe” and doesn’t have a bookcase or shelf blocking it.

Question 7: Can I set my system to auto for both heat and cooling?

The auto feature only works on single head systems. If you try to use it on a multiple head system, one head will not work. Choose either heating or cooling for your entire system.

Question 8: Why doesn’t the system power off when the room reaches the right temperature?

My room is warm enough but the unit won’t turn off. Is something wrong? Most likely the system is still within its minimum 5 minute run time. Without getting into a lengthy description of refrigeration theory, the unit must run for 5 minutes to circulate the refrigerant properly. This is why sizing of your ductless system is critical. Oversizing the unit will heat or freeze you out of the room by the time those seemingly endless 5 minutes are up!

Question 9: How do I calculate the right head size to install?

One contractor told me a 12k Btu head would serve my home but another said 9k. Who do I believe? You believe the contractor who has done their heat load/loss calculations. Gone are the days of guessing. We have solid mathematical equations to ensure your equipment is sized properly for your home.

Question 10: I’ve collected 3 bids – how do I pick a contractor?

No matter what features draw you to a certain brand, the installation MUST be done properly or the equipment will fail long before its time. You will want to find installers with factory training and certifications. Best practices dictate that installers must perform a triple evacuation of the system. Pressure testing the newly installed system is a must. Additional refrigerant must be added to long line set lengths. You want a company that stands behind its installers with training and expectations that they will treat your home with respect.

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